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Date 20/02/2015
  Fight the devil   We start with the name of Allah. We praise Allah and thank Him for the blessing of Islam. We humbly ask Allah to raise...
Date 18/02/2015
Seditions   The Messenger of Allah, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, informed us of the trials that will inevitably come. He urged us to haste to do...
Date 10/02/2015
Impeccability of Prophets   Allah, the Exalted, chose the choicest among the men to be prophets and messengers. The Wisdom of Allah entails that...
Date 09/02/2015
       جمعيات منتسبة لدار الفتوى Associations of Darulfatwa      Islamic Charity Projects...
Date 05/02/2015
BIRR The Way Forward    
Date 05/02/2015
Drugs and Alcohol   O slaves of Allah, I advise myself and you to fear Allah, the One Who said in His Book: يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ ءامَنُواْ...
Date 27/01/2015
Allah is the Creator of This World   All praise is due to Allah. We thank Allah for His graciousness and ask Him to help, guide and forgive...
Date 12/01/2015
Our immense love for our beloved Master and Leader, Muhammad   Our speech today is about our immense love for our beloved Master and Leader,...